Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Art Every Day Month - Day 9....The Chloe Pages

The Art House CoOp Sketchbook is a Moleskine Cahier book, which is a softcover book with very thin paper. It's not the right sort of paper for wet media, but I have been working around this issue by coating the underside of the paper, after using watercolor on one side, with gesso so I can use it for something else. If I want to use watercolor, I coat it with absorbent ground on top of the gesso.

After I do this, I prep with a color wash on a few pages to work ahead so I can get right into the next phase...this was a page I prepped in purple, which afterwards, I though would look good with Chloe.

I sketched Chloe in another sketchbook, then I photocopied the sketch and glued it down along with little cameos of Chloe for the border. Again, this is the 2nd stage, further stages will be occurring as I work through the book. More embellishments to come....

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