Sunday, September 11, 2011

Summer's over and some sketchbook pages

Sorry folks for the dry spell.  Family events, the day job, painting, sketching...I have been trying to cram a lot in before the days got a lot shorter.  I finally finished a painting that I have been working on since June. As soon as I get some good photos, I will be posting those.  I've been trying to beef up my studio supplies to be ready for events such as Paint Annapolis, that I will be attending the end of this month as one of the juried artists.  Finally catching up on my reading, finished two great art books, Richard Schmid's "Alla Prima" and Bill Creevy's pastel book.

Since I've last posted....we've had an earthquake and a hurricane; the earthquake was just a shake, rattle and roll...minor in comparison to the two days of rain and high winds that we had to endure until Irene moved on, but we survived that with surprisingly minor damage.  Some folks around us weren't so lucky.

My Sketchbook Project sketchbook is almost full.....I posted some of those above.
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