Friday, August 27, 2010

Review of Colorfin Pan pastels

This past Christmas, I got the Pan Pastels Painting set as a gift from my husband. I haven't quite "painted" with these yet, but I have been using them in my Art House Co-Op Sketchbook.

So far, as a sketch medium, I give them high marks on a lot of points. First, they blend well. I have the basic artist colors set and the sketches above were done with the basic set. They blend nicely, I have the blending tools set. I tried using a regular cosmetic applicator to see how they would perform, and they work much better with the tools created specifically for these pastels.

Even though they are in a sketch book, they haven't smeared. The Art House Co-Op sketchbook is a Moleskine Cahier thin bound sketchbook and the pan pastels perform well on those thin pages... I can even write over them with my Sakura Micron pens. I can also use pastel pencils over top for more detail.

I like them for spontaneously sketching. I would definitely purchase more pans to add more colors to my palette. I plan to add them to my plein air pastel kit to give me the options to work on regular pastel paper, which I normally don't use because of the lack of tooth, but that's not an issue with pan pastels and I can layer color on top of the base that these pastels provide. What's nice is they blend similarly to how I mix colors in watercolor. I was very impressed with them and really like them.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Updates, where did Gina go?

Since my last post, life took a different turn that wasn't quite planned. My daughter went to visit her father for a week. John and I, having a weekend on our own, set out to visit Greenport, NY. I had some sketching gear and I was hoping to sit and relax, sketch, read, etc in the Greenport area by the water.

The day looked promising, we were on the main road out to the North Fork when traffic slowed, by chance or Karma, right near an SUV that had a bunch of stuffed animals on it and a big sign that said simply, "PUPPIES." My daughter has been asking for a dog of her own, our Min Pin, Troy, had passed away this past February. I said to John, "ooo, let's go in and take a look."

Of course, John was saying we were just going in to look, that's it. I was just going in for ideas, I wanted a small low maintenance dog that we could take anywhere. We went in....and about an hour later....came home with Chloe. We never made it to Greenport.

Chloe is a teacup Chihuahua. She came from a breeder who has bred Chihuahua's for over 40 years and if you speak to her, she'll give you the whole lineage of your dog and all the traits and personalities of her Chihuahuas over the years. I could tell from just how Chloe interacted with us how she was raised and bred. She is a very happy little puppy, eager to please and loves us with all her little puppy heart.

Chloe was a little sick for a while, we doted on her and did all we could to make her comfortable, even sitting up with her in the middle of the night. There were a lot of sleepless nights worrying about the new little life in our home and trying our best to make her feel better.

My daughter came home after the end of Chloe's first week with us and finally got to meet Chloe and it was love at first site. Chloe has been feeling much better so we've had lots of hours of play already. Chloe has been going with us on walks, for rides, she's been to Bellport to sit outside the local cafe in the morning for coffee...she went on her first sketch outing last night...she's going to be my little plein air puppy.

The photo above is Chloe conquering my size 7 shoe....

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Goals for the Week of 8/9

Well, here's the Third week I am posting my goals. It's amazing how one goal can override the others...this past week, I was a journal junkie plus I helped the Brookhaven Arts and Humanities Council this past weekend with their plein air paint out.

This week's goals are:

1)I still have to work on that new website!

2)Minimum of two posts a week on my blog and try to post at least once a day to my FB page. Wow, I haven't been on FB for a while. I've been getting better with the blog...

3) Get some of my Art house pages posted up here...getting ready to post some....

4)Work on some Egg Tempera paintings, get out and see if I can withstand plein air painting again .... My goal, at least one painting a week...I got the fresh eggs...

5)Sketching and Journaling, more more more....been sketching and journaling A LOT...I still want to learn how to make my own sketchbook!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Patchogue Arts Walking Tour

Hey, just wanted to let you folks know that I was accepted to the Patchogue Walking Arts Tour!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Independence Day Challenge

I issued a Challenge on my Sketch Club Blog and yet I never posted my sketches, LOL. Here are my sketches from Independence Day weekend, done in my Art House Coop Sketchbook. Both were done down at the Jersey Shore.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Goals for the Week of 8/2

Well, here's the second time I am posting my goals.

This week's goals are:

1)Work on that new website!

2)Minimum of two posts a week on my blog and try to post at least once a day to my FB page. Wow, I haven't been on FB for a while.

3) Get some of my Art house pages posted up here.

4)Work on some Egg Tempera paintings, get out and see if I can withstand plein air painting again (bum wheel, ankle is still healing and standing at an easel can be tough.) My goal, at least one painting a week.

5)Sketching and Journaling, more more more....learn how to make my own sketchbook!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Switch Off Sunday

I participate in Switch Off Sunday that Leonie started on I think it's a great idea so I try to stay away from the laptop on Sundays.

So I am posting this Saturday and leaving you with one of my Art House Coop sketches...we went to Blue Point to sketch with our sketch group, I quickly did this before the storm of the century showed up....a more accurate sketch would be to give this one a slate grey sky, LOL.

Enjoy your Sunday.
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