Monday, June 6, 2011

Chloe's First Birthday

Chloe turned One today.  Our dog children are part of the family, not pets... so we had a little celebration with the dogs eating the cake.  Better for our waist lines...  :-)

I bought a doggie birthday cake with a carob frosting and a carrot cakey peanut buttery inside.  It looked like a big crumbly dog cookie.   I bought Chloe a special birthday hat.  The owner of Fetch, where I got the cake, gave Chloe some special dog cookies as a gift from her.  Chloe got a brand new collar and a stuffed horse for her birthday, which Mack promptly ran off with...

Chloe had a rough first year, with a scary stretch, but she is healthy now, happy and very, very loved.  She has a wonderful, sweet temperament.  You just want to hug her. And as far as the hat, she'll do anything for a treat, including wearing clothes and hats.

The party was cute, with Mack and Stella trying to hog up all the cake.  Stella cleaned up all the crumbs and we still have leftovers so that they can indulge during the week.  Mack's turn in December....
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