Friday, November 12, 2010

Art Every Day Month - Day 12....Results of my visit to AC Moore

I went to AC Moore tonight. I was on a mission for a certain type of sketchbook that I wanted to test out, went to Michael's first, then AC Moore, neither had the item. I miss PEARL ART!!! I guess I'll have to order on line. However, I spotted some stamps and some nifty paper that I just had to try out....and GLUE DOTS. Glue dots are so cool! But PVA glue works much better for this type of project, I am finding out...

Doing this page made me think of the disclaimer "Do not try this at home..." This is more like, do not try this with your good clothes on. At AC Moore, I picked up a glue dots, a packet of printed card stock paper (great for collage), and two holiday type stamps, one that says "Merry Christmas," always one that is useful, and the other has the Misfits from Rudolph that says "Misfits Have More Fun..."
Priceless, LOL.

Got them home and just had to try them out, what the heck, pulled out Naphthol Crimson and Hooker's Green Permanent Hue (both are liquid acrylics, the kind you pour on) and spread them on the page with an old credit card. Interesting mix.....and messy.

Added some collage bits, some pan pastel shading and took white pan pastel and smeared it on the stamps and pressed it on the page and got a really cool result.

This image is dark, but when I get done with embellishments, it will look completely different....17 pages to go in my Art House Sketch book!!

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