Monday, November 29, 2010

Art Every Day Month - Day 29 - The Chloe Pages

Puppies are a tough subject, I have 4 pages of Chloe sleeping, these were the best 2 of the's tough to sketch an animal when they are constantly changing position. Chloe is sleeping on her two blankets, the cuddly pink one and the soft brown one. Interesting thing about Chloe's color, she's considered "fawn," but she has a lot of pink tones and has pink skin, even a pink nose.

I wish I had sketched my Troy (RIP) as much as I sketch Chloe. If you have a pet you love dearly, sketch them often.


  1. super sweet sketches! i love the pink background.

  2. Cute sketches, animals and kids are both kinda hard to use as models, neither can stay still, you did a very nice job.


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