Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Art Every Day Month - Day 17 - George Wybenga's Demo

I was at the South Bay Artist Association's monthly meeting tonight, I am a member and we had a special Demo of creative mat cutting and gift box making given by George Wybenga. It was a great demo and it was nice to learn more about George. He has a book that has all the different templates for making all sorts of boxes. It was awesome and of course I forgot the title but I can search his name on line. He also has done about 250 paintings of train cabooses and hopes to get those published.

I sketched this at the demo and didn't finish, George is in the middle and I needed to tweak him a lot (he was moving a lot, of course), but folks wanted to see my sketch book so it got passed around and the demo was over by the time I got it back, but I have the gesture of what was going on. My perspective is s little off but I wasn't going for accuracy tonight, I was trying to remember the demo better by sketching it.


  1. How fun -- love seeing what you drew while there. And what an interesting idea that he created with the book of box patterns! Love that!

  2. I love the pastel on this page. I too am passionate about pastel and the intensity of color I can create. I will become your newest follower

  3. Kara, I will have to get the title for you but I am sure you can search under George's name.

  4. Tobi,, you will like the little pan pastel sketch I did tonight...LOL


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