Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Art Every Day Month - Day 30 - The last page...

Well this is the last day of Art Every Day Month - November 2010. This is a page out of my regular sketchbook.....I saw this photo with bird silhouettes and something triggered a memory about snow, trees and the dark....I played with this idea in my sketchbook, and I could hear what I was I thinking but I couldn't picture it and kept going until I got close. As I worked this, I tried to think of some things my uncle taught me about drawing trees. I remember him giving me a lesson on doing trees when I was a teenager. He said trees are living things, each with their own shape. So, I dedicate this sketch to him for a lesson that has stayed with me...and I finally remembered the scene playing in my head that triggered the sketch above, it's from the movie "Polar Express," in the dark, when the little girl's ticket was flying through the forest, land's in the eagle's nest, animals calling in the background, that magical quiet that snow brings....

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