Sunday, November 6, 2011

Art Every Day Month - Day 6 The More You FEAR the more Power it has over you

I am working on some exercises in the book "The Art Journal Workshop," by Traci Bunkers.     I have several books/magazines I am reading right now, trying to juggle several things at once.  I am giving pastels in the studio a break right now since my asthma appears to be flaring up, so I am working with less dustier media indoors right now (I do have a mask but it best not to aggravate my lungs any more than I have to...).  This was a good exercise because you had to write about what is holding you back in whatever goals you are trying to achieve, then you build the page over top....You'd have to look real close to see the writing underneath that essentially is the underpainting of this two page spread.

Oh, the spiders are on there because I am NOT a big fan of spiders....LOL.

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  1. I like wolf spiders... plus I live in an old house and they keep the other small pests in check.


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