Tuesday, November 22, 2011

AEDM - Day 22 - Another Ink Blot Creation

Last week I did a scene that started with a bunch of ink blots that I dropped on a page with a quill pen.

Today, I got the "bright" idea to use a medicine dropper.  However, learning from the errors of many previous issues with leaky pages and ink blots running amuck to other sketches...I battened down the hatches and made sure there was no destruction to completed pages this time.  I used masking tape and newsprint to secure the pages and prevent leaks.

When the pages were secure, I dropped the ink on the page (I forgot to photograph the drops) and then closed the book, when I opened it, this is the image the was created.  Now there is a big difference here from using the droplets from the quill pen, those drops were smaller and finer...these were thick, almost like lacquer.  I had to use a hair dryer to dry them.

OK, my first thought looking at this was the Disney Character, Pluto.   I didn't want to be that obvious so I looked at it some more and HARLEY popped into my head.  Harley is my Brother-in-law's dog.  I have a photo of Harley with Mack, but since this is a G rated site, I won't be showing that photo and what Mack was trying to do to Harley, who is twice the size the Mack.

The blots looked like a dog wearing a hat, so I used ink, gouache, white gel pens and acrylic to work up the image.  Note that I tried to use all the blots and the one that didn't fit in, I left untouched.  (I could make a ball out of it.)

Here is the finished image with the tape removed.  I really like playing with the ink blots.

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