Friday, November 18, 2011

AEDM - Day 17 - Ink Blots

I wanted to try something different tonight, I saw some folks trying ink blots and wanted to give it a try...this started as ink blots, believe it or not.  I threw india ink on the page and closed the book.  When I opened it, I saw some Renoir figures so I decided to go with's only two pages in my sketchbook, but it was a great creative exercise.  I covered some of the blots to make the image work better.


  1., just because I wanted to comment on your blog..I have a blog address..or something!@
    perhaps I should try it.

  2. ok my blots never turn into Renoir type figures! This is awesome!

  3. I should have take photos of the process as I did it...I meant to.

  4. How wonderful!! I love what you did with your inkblots!


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