Friday, November 4, 2011

Art Every Day Month - Day 4 Sinners and Saints

Many of my journal spreads are pre-prepped like the page on the right.  I did these two pages with three colors and scraped the color on with a used gift card.

This evening did not start out with thoughts of horses on the page, it just sort of happened....when I pulled out one of my old Philly Art Museum monthly brochures, I found the bronze sculpture with a blurb about saints and sinners....I cut it out and scrounged around for more items that fit with the base colors....I love the watercolor in the middle with the Native Americans, the close up has amazing brush strokes...

I added the two horses at the top to balance out the spread.....then I added my thoughts and notes....and little embellishments...this sketchbook is turning out to be quite the little coffee table book....

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