Sunday, February 13, 2011

Note to Self.....

Don't buy anymore Moleskine sketchbooks! Ugh, they don't take wet work well at all! Almost like they have a resist built into the paper that when you try to do any wet work, the paper fights you back. What a big disappointment. That one gets a FAIL.

Here's all the sketchbooks in the line up, along with the Moleskine in the foreground. I am typing this as I am waiting for them to dry. I am still experimenting and road testing the three Strathmore books. The pages you are seeing here are some things I am trying, a gessoed newspaper page and something new I am trying....I did an Ultramarine Blue background with Titanium White clouds layered over top while the blue was still wet. I also cut out cloud shapes out of scrapbook paper to make a cloud "pocket." I am testing out making pockets on the page to put things in. This is fun!

I will probably take the 140lb Strathmore Visual Journal with me when I go to Jamaica and use that one as a travel journal. One of the other two will be used to demonstrate all the different techniques in my journaling class.

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