Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

My husband gave me this birdhouse he painted for Valentine's Day. He wrote a little verse as well, you can see the card next to the birdhouse. I walked into my studio today and this is what I found on my desk, along with a handmade card. I got other goodies as well, a box of See's candy and a dozen roses. I am easy to please, give me Lore's or See's chocolates and I'm happy. But this birdhouse made me smile and warmed my heart. He scurried around all weekend making it, it was cute, hiding while he worked on his project. I made him a Valentine's ATC card and a handmade Valentine's Card, plus he got some goodies, too. We also made handmade cards for the two girls still living at home. Everyone liked their handmade cards.

In this digital age, the handmade stuff means a whole lot more. There's something special about knowing the love that was put in to something, made just for you.

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