Saturday, February 12, 2011

Multi tasking

Oooooweeee. I have a bunch of things in progress right now. Trying out some things for my sketchbook journaling class coming up next month. I have three different Strathmore Visual Journals that I am testing out. Each one has it's own quirks and all three have different paper with different textures. In the meantime, I was finishing up something in my sketchbook AND working on my husband's Valentine's Day Card. These pages you see here are me working with tissue paper and paint splatters. As I do each one, I am taking notes and writing down stuff for my class. So far, those paint splatters are taking FOREVER to dry....maybe I should pull out the hairdryer.

So many ideas and techniques....I am also staring at a watercolor that is screaming to be completed that I might just finish as a pastel.

That totally awesome worktable that I have these visual journals spread out on... is a table my wonderful husband built for me. It's on wheels so I can move it around, it has shelves where I store supplies and paper and it has a high polished surfaced he varnished, built to take a beating. It also has a slot for my mat cutter and it has a big enough surface to cut mats and frame paintings.

Every surface in my studio has an ongoing project and I still have ATCs to work on, they have base coats of color but need to be worked on....busy busy busy......

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