Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yesterday in Terry Ludwig's class

I am participating in Terry Ludwig's pastel workshop. I got the opportunity at the last minute to attend when someone dropped out. I originally didn't plan to go because normally I attend Paint Annapolis, but this year I didn't go to Paint Annapolis. Stan Sperlak hosted the workshop for the Maryland Pastel Society.

It rained buckets and we had to set up in Stan's studio space and greenhouse that was attached. Terry painted a demo for us from a photo that Stan had on hand. Because we were painting indoors, we had to paint from photos so we pillaged the box of prints that Stan provided.

I selected one of an orchard and farm stand (above) and painted that. It was such a typical Jersey Fresh type of produce stand that it caught my eye. The sun came out briefly and cooked us in the greenhouse. Stan's employees took the time to pull a cover over to give us some shade. It was a typical rainy Jersey Shore day in September complete with the humidity.

Terry is an entertaining and informative instructor. It's always good for an artist to get out and work with other artists and this was no exception. We've been shown how to remake a broken pastel, Stan showed us how he frames his paintings without mats.....it's a great workshop.

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