Monday, September 20, 2010

Goals for the week of 9/20

Brr, chilly this week.

This week's goals are (some are repeat goals and will be for a while)

1) Still have to convert over to my new website. I am catching up on some things, like postings, the website will come....

2)I am doing better posting on Facebook. Even found one of my former coworkers/friend from an old job. It was good to catch up. I run blogs, this one and the one for my sketch club, which is chock full of useful info. is the link.

3) Hey, getting some of the Art House pages, goal being met.

4) I want to work on some Egg Tempera paintings, get out and see if I can withstand plein air painting again .... My goal, at least one painting a week...

5) I am meeting my sketchbook goal, need to meet the journaling goal. Showed my personal sketchbook to my sketch club members, they want to learn some of the things I have been trying.

6) Learn how to make my own sketchbook. Picked up a few books on how to do this. Might take a class.

Now that summer is over, it's getting easier to work on this list.

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