Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Terry Ludwig class Day two

Here's the painting I completed in Terry's class, Day two. Two years ago, I went on a pumpkin patch excursion with coworkers and took a photo because I thought it would make a fun painting. Stan tried to print it out for me but since it came from a cell phone, it wouldn't print I found this photo that Stan took which was similar to the photo of the field that I took a picture of...

I just envisioned this painting of a pumpkin field and it was so much fun to paint.

Today's class was wild, Stan's foreman, Cory, posed for Terry for a portrait Demo. It turned out to be a very humorous session, you just had to be Vegas, what happens in Terry's classes stays in Terry's class...

We went to see Stan's show in Cape May...stunning. We all went out to eat at the little Mexican restaurant, Gecko's. Lot's of fun and great food.

On Wednesady, hopefully, we'll be out Plein Air painting at Cape May Lighthouse, one of my favorite spots.


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