Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Still playing catch up

Chloe is asleep at the moment. I got back early from sketching since the light is going away quicker, I am getting more studio time and more time to blog. However, little Chloe had other ideas and I spent some quality time with her. She'll only be a puppy for a short time. She's been beating up the $1 toy we picked her up from Target.
Getting back on track. It's been an interesting summer. I've had a painting accepted into the Walking Arts Tour here in Patchogue. I've been asked to be a trustee for the South Bay Artist Association. I helped launch a Paint Out here on the South Shore that I was so excited about. I've been out sketching every week with my Sketch Group which I really enjoy. I just need to post those up here.
Days are getting shorter and although it's still nice out to paint, it also means with the shorter days that there will be more time spent in the studio in the evenings than out sketching or painting plein air. Which means more blog posts, yay! I tried doing it from my phone but gave up for now. Time to get back on track with my to do list!

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