Saturday, May 21, 2011

It wassss warm and sunny today....

It's been a rainy week.  Today started out damp, but the the sun came out.  John and I were able to get our walk in this morning, he's trying to help me get the strength back in my ankle.  I've been doing much better, standing at the easel is getting less painful than it was last year. 

  I was by the Connectquot River....when I first got there, the sun was out....but as Long Island is prone to do, the mist rolled in and there went the sun, pffft, gone.....I had walked over to the river with my gear....looked in the one direction and it did nothing for me...I almost turned to look for another place to paint when I turned around and saw these trees standing firm against the mist.   What clinched it was a bald eagle landing in the tree to the right of these.  (Yes, It was an eagle, I know the difference between and eagle and an osprey and there were osprey flying overhead as well..)

I tried a few things that Stan mentioned in his workshop, like a limited palette....I did this painting with 5 pastels, plus I used some other tricks I learned, which you could learn too, if you take his workshop.  :-)

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