Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weekly goals, a day late

Normally I like to post this on Monday:

I can't believe I still haven't created my new website yet.....On the TO DO list.

Facebook posts intermittently, I post when I can or when I remember.

Work is coming along very well on the Art house sketchbook...getting there, I might just get this done without cramming at deadline! Have about 30 pages left to do! I just prepped about 8 pages for mixed media work.

Egg Tempera...winter's coming, indoor recreation!

Personal sketch book, might get this one done in the same year!

Big to do, learn to make my own sketchbook!

Oh, and Chloe is above modeling one of her outfits....


  1. Chloe's quite the fashionista!

  2. We found this store in the middle of Long Island, they only sell dog clothes....LOL. Chihuahuas need to be kept warm, so we bought items for fluctuating weather....you should see the Houdini trick she uses to get out of her clothes, LOL.


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