Monday, October 25, 2010

Everyday Stuff/Haunted Gallery/PAC Arts Festival

Isn't it amazing how you can make things more difficult for yourself sometimes, for instance, taking quick pictures to post on a blog or other digital venue....I've been trying to take pictures with either my camera or my IPhone to quickly pop something on line....and making more work for myself when I am trying to lean over to take a picture of my sketchbook and I am getting shadows of myself because of the way I have to get the book to lie flat and how the lighting is in my studio in the evenings...instead of making life easier by just SCANNING the image! (Head smack) Why didn't I think of that before? The above image was sketched in my Art House Sketch Book during last week's sketch outing and I scanned it in with the scanner on my printer.

This week past week was pretty full. Bellydancing, sketching with the group, doing other chores in the studio, catching up on my reading. Friday evening, I participated in the Brookhaven Arts Council/Phoenix Gallery's "Haunted Gallery." It was fun and neat...the school kids in Bellport painted some murals and left boxes for artists to add their touches....I brought my pastels and added a spooky cemetery, added a ghost walking a lonely road and my favorite, (I couldn't resist) was adding my touch to a spider web that one class painted...I had to add a fly with a human head, being attacked by a black widow, I almost added the "Help MEEEEE" but I figured some parent might get upset, LOL....a touch of Good Ol' Vincent Price.

We had the Patchogue Arts Council Arts Festival which went well. Our Sketch Club was given a window to show off what we've been doing. It was nice that we were added to the Walking Arts Tour. I was glad some of the artists that have been sketching (or painting) got the opportunity to show off some of their stuff.

As far as meeting goals, the Art House Sketch book is moving along, above is two pages from that. I worked in my sketchbook, gesso'd and prepped a few more page for free style or for sketches that could be done on the back page of another sketch. The pages are thin so they need to be beefed up so I have a bunch of pages I beefed up. I was going to color them up and use them for the free style (collagey stuff) but I may try a few pages to see how the absorbent ground holds up with watercolor sketches.

My regular sketch book is also being used, I'm trying to add entries and other ephemera nightly. Plus, I am trying to document what I am doing so that I can show the sketch club folks other techniques I've learned to play in your sketchbook. As the weather and standard time drives us indoors in the evening, we need to have other sketchbook activities.


  1. Sounds like you have been really busy. I love your sketch. Keep up the good work.



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