Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The book -The Journal Junkies Workshop

I just read "The Journal Junkies Workshop" by Eric M Scott and David R Modler. I purchased it from North Light's a keeper. There are many similar books out there that tell you how to journal or keep a sketchbook. I've read many of them, once you read a few they all seem to sound similar, but I liked how they gave "newbies" some step by step instructions that build from chapter to chapter, so the skills you learn in one chapter, carries over and they show you how to take it to the next level. That was nicely done.

There were a few techniques that I don't remember seeing before like doing a transfer with packing tape. That was pretty cool. There were a few other things that make this book handy, but you'll have to get it and check it out yourself.

This is a good book to keep in your art book library and would be handy for non-art teachers if they would like to include journaling into their curriculum. Some of the techniques would carry over nicely to a classroom or to a journaling/ sketch group, and would be perfect for art school instructors to entice college art students to keep a sketchbook. This book wouldn't be a bad book to use as a textbook for sketchbooking or journaling and it's reasonable, it has simple and easy to follow instructions.

Happy Reading and sketchbooking..

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