Sunday, June 13, 2010

Yesterday In Philadelphia

We were in Philadelphia yesterday. John and I are members of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, aka The Art Museum to locals. The Late Renoir show is hanging and for those of you Impressionists fans, I urge you to pay the museum a visit. Its a wonderful show.

John and I were laughing hysterically over a painting of Matisse that was included in the show...Matisse paid Renoir a few visits, Renoir told Matisse he was a bad painter! He commented on how Matisse could get the color black to work in a painting, so he guessed he could be a painter, but that his paintings were terrible. I never knew that. A lot of people were cracking up. We were also laughing at the audio version of "Claude Renoir as Clown." Poor Claude was made to dress up in this clown outfit. He didn't want to wear the tights and drove his parents nuts. They were bribing him, threatening him, it was just funny to hear about parents in the early 1900's having having the same struggles. John was saying, what could they threaten the kids with back then? They couldn't take away their cell phones!

The photo above is actually the back of the museum, most people think of Rocky running up the steps, but this is what the back of the museum looks like. The front overlooks Ben Franklin Parkway, the back overlooks the Schuylkill River (pronouned SKU-kill). I grew up in Philly, so I spent a lot of time at the art museum. It's a wonderful place to spend the day.


  1. never knew about matisse and renoir's frenemy-ship either! :)

  2. I didn't either. But that's how some of the old masters were.....


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