Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Uh oh Heart by Sandy Gingras

We went to Cape May this past weekend. It's still a little tough getting around...any walking was met with many breaks to sit down and rest the foot. Walking is exhausting right now.

We stayed at the Chalfonte, where my sister got married several years ago. I needed a hat so we picked up one...Hubby looks tres chic in it...We visited this little shop called the Mystical Mermaid. I found this awesome pitcher for 10 bucks, a Diva fish to hang in my studio and this little book, called The Uh oh heart. This little book caught my eye...I wandered around the shop and kept coming back to it...I told my husband I'd like to do books like this....and I bought it.

Well I read it when I got home and that little book says a lot. It has quirky drawings but it talks about life and love, a broken heart and moving on...and I would recommend this little quirky book to everyone...it says a lot in a few words.


  1. Hi Gina, I love this post. You've introduced me to a new book and artist. I looked at The Uh oh heart on amazon (via their preview) and was ridiculous moved. mama. that little book has a huge impact. I loved reading "the uh-uh heart wants the world to be safe. It doesn't want anything it can lose-lose. Yet the world will not comply." This is intense and beautiful. Thanks for sharing! It's so what I need to me feed my own uh-oh heart. blessings! stephey

  2. Stephey, I found the book in a boutique in Cape May. I was drawn to it and I knew it was right to bring it home. They had her other books around Cape May, they were adorable.

  3. Hi Gina, thank you so much for your sweet post about my book. I don't really know how I found your site, but it happened. I was just feeling sluggish about my writing, and you helped pep me back up. The uh-oh heart is one of my favorite books that I've written. I read your comment about wanting to "do books like this" and thought I would reach out to you. If you ever need/want to, you can email me at htl@verizon.net and I would be happy to share my experiences and /or help you in any way that I can. Thanks again for your kind words. sandy gingras


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