Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Extreme Sketching

It's JUNE, it's cold and rainy, so cold, that when I came back from my Wednesday night sketch outing, I put the heat on when I got home. Did I mention it's JUNE? It's supposed to be warm in June, right?

One wouldn't think that sketching could be an extreme "sport," but sitting in a car by the bay, in the middle of a wannabe monsoon, chilled to the bone by the dampness, it comes very close to extreme. My fellow Sketch Club member, Susan, said we were the only brave ones this evening....brave, or crazy.

I am sitting back at the studio now, with my heat and my cup of Cinnamon Plum tea (Republic of Tea makes it) and thawing out. But it was worth it, rain and all, to get out of the house and to sit by the water in the rain to sketch. Sketching on a dismal grey day gives you another color palette to play with, the ones with the greys and muted down colors.

It's just another art lesson from Mother Nature.

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