Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Paint Snow Hill 2011 - The two sold paintings

These photos don't do the paintings justice at all, they were taken while they were hanging on display during the Snow Hill Wet Paint Sale.   Both of these paintings sold, unfortunately, these are the best photos I have of them.  Note to Self, take the photo before taking it off the easel.  I painted five paintings and sold these two.  I'll post the other three when I can pop them out of the frames and retake the pictures.

This was a great paint out.  Ann is a wonderful host and the outing was very well organized. I am so glad I finally had the weekend open where I could participate.  I love painting the Maryland and VA Eastern Shore and with the exception of Saturday, the weather was mild.  I didn't want to leave.

 I learn something every time I paint plein air.  This time it was dealing with the wind, or not, LOL.  I brought along gouache paint and did one painting from the inside of the car because standing in the wind just wasn't working for me.  I can paint with gouache similar to how I paint with pastel, so it makes a good back up medium  for me.

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