Saturday, March 26, 2011

Another sketch at the coffee shop

Hubby and I were at a wedding last night and are pretty exhausted today because we aren't used to being up so late anymore.  We're dragging a bit and we thought about napping but we figured it would kill our sleep for tonight.    I had a reserved book to pick up at the library and he wanted to inquire about downloading books to his IPad, so we headed over to the library, then went to our coffee shop that is directly across the street.

While he was playing with the on-line access to the library that he just received information about, I was reading my book.  We were there for a while and these bottles of syrup kept catching my eye.  I liked the colors and I just read an article the other day in The Artist's Magazine about drawing ellipses so I just had to pull out my sketchbook to sketch these bottles to try out the theory described in the article.

I don't normally like to do "still life" type art, but what I learn sketching in a coffee shop is great practice when I am out painting plein air.  Enjoy.

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