Saturday, July 31, 2010

Goals updates

Ok, I dropped the ball a little with the minimum of two posts a week, but I did accomplish some of my goals. I've been taking classes and doing a lot recently and haven't had a minute to play on the computer, I guess that's a good thing that my time wasn't spent surfing, LOL.

1) I submitted FOUR paintings to the Patchogue Walking Arts Tour (WAT). One of which is the one above that's been sitting in my studio for a while until I was ready to finish it. I started this in Chincoteague a while ago, never finished it. I was standing by the channel painting the Assateague Lighthouse. I was never entirely happy with this painting so I finally popped it up on the easel in my studio and gave it a whirl. I submitted this to the WAT as well as two I did of East Point Light in NJ, one was a pastel and the other was a little egg tempera I did. I also touched up my Higbee Beach painting and submitted that as well.

2) I have been working in my Art House Sketchbook. Posts on those pages will be coming. Been having a lot of fun with that book. Ordered Golden's Absorbent Ground so I can beef up those pages more for wet work. Found out from Gwen Diehn's book that using tube acrylics makes the pages sticky (doh!! found that out the hard way!!).

3) Haven't worked on my new website in a while, need to work on that again. I'll put that on my to-do list for next week.

4) Yep, posting on FB and my blog took a slide these past two weeks. I'll put that on my Monday to-do list.

Overall, I am happy that I got my WAT submission in. That was my primary goal and I achieved it!

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