Friday, May 7, 2010

Still going on with the Fake Journal

Wednesday evening I sat in the car (still gimping too much so the car is where I can stay out of trouble and not re-injure myself) and did these two sketches while I was out for sketch night. I used two different techniques. I did the beach scene in ink first, then added the color. I did the tree by the lake with watercolor first, then added the ink. I was showing another member of the sketch club how to use watercolor when you sketch and wanted to show her the different ways that the medium could be handled in a sketch book. It was a nice, although chilly, evening. These aren't the best pix, but they aren't bad for using my IPhone.


  1. I really love your creations!

    Hi I'm just stopping by from Kelly Rae's Flying Lessons class. Looking forward to getting started!

    take care,

    Miriam xoxo
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  2. Thank you Miriam! I am looking forward to Kelly Rae's class, too!



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