Monday, October 12, 2009

Annapolis Dueling Brushes - Irish Pub

Here is a photo of the result of my participation in the dueling brushes contest. I painted the Irish Pub side of the Galway Bay on Maryland Ave in Annapolis. For those of you who have never thought about what painting on the streets of a city can be like...

Around 8:30 AM, John and I headed down to Maryland Avenue to set up the easel. Painting with pastels requires some set up time. It was a slightly chilly morning....John helped me set up and I sketched a little in my sketch book to prep my mind. 9 AM came and we all started painting. The Irish Pub was across the street. I had to paint around parking traffic, a SYSCO truck making deliveries and other assorted activities that go on in the streets of a city. It's amazing how many obstacles can obstruct your view, then the sun came over and added glare. I didn't have an umbrella so the glare was killing me and I had to move across the street and into the shade to put the last minute touches on the painting.

At 11:30, we made made the mad dash to the City Dock to join our fellow artists. For me, it was social hour. I got to say hi to a lot artists that I know and do some catching up. It was fun and it's a good group.

So here it is, the dueling brushes entry, Irish Pub. Right now, the Irish Pub is hanging at the Brookhaven Arts & Humanities Council's Phoenix Gallery from October 12 to November 8. It's on sale for $350. The Reception for this show will be Sunday, October 18 from 1 -3.

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