Saturday, January 24, 2015

During the storm...

My good friend,  Joan, has nominated me for the 3 in 5 on Facebook.   I already did a 3 in 5 in Sketchbook Skool.  There, I posted some old sketches, which, I may repost.
 However, since I am getting cabin fever, you may be treated to all new plein air work, like these below.
These three plein air sketches were done today during the storm.  I have been trying some new things, using sumi ink and a twig.  These mixed media pastels were drawn first with sumi ink and yes, you read correctly, I used a twig dipped in the ink.  I never use Canson pastel paper usually, but I wanted to try out this technique on different colored sheets of paper.  These were all done by the water, looking toward Fire Island.  I did them sitting in the car, because moisture and pastels don't mix too well.

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