Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Some more pages....

Here's a few more pages...The page with Chloe was an interesting experiment that didn't quite go as expected. I gesso'd the page and used Absorbent Ground so that I could use a watercolor base, but what I didn't expect when I dropped splashes of yellow was when I tried to dab it with a paper towel, I lifted the color and those are the spots you see. It wasn't intentional but these are some of the happy accidents that happen in sketchbooks. I like using newspaper Ad pages for my borders, the newsprint isn't cranky about what I put over it. I sketched Chloe in a different sketchbook and cut her out to attach her on this page. Sometimes having fun in your sketchbook releases your mind when you need to be serious in your other work.


  1. i want to keep a sketchbook!! i keep saying this, but have trouble starting. i'm just not much of an artist. but when i see sketches like yours i want to at least try!

  2. Kerri, Any time you want help with doing that, just let me know.



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