Wednesday, August 12, 2009

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For those who are wondering how someone "becomes" an artist....for me, it was something I was born with. It's a way of how I see the world and it started in grade school...I was always drawing something, I liked drawing animals and making up stories about them...I progressed to drawing horses because I was horse crazy. I tried them in every shape and color. I used to make horses out of clay and I'd play with them. I made clay saddles and other tack to put on them.

I never realized I had any sort of talent until we were assigned a project in 7th grade for the book Kon-Tiki by Thor Heyerdahl. I tried to create a scene were the raft was visited by a shark...I researched pictures of the raft and I pulled encyclopedias and other research books out of the library to get reference photos of sharks that I could use, then I drew the shark and the raft. I didn't think anything of it, big deal, I drew a shark freehand.

Well, the nuns thought it was a big deal. They asked my mom to send me to the Philadelphia High School for Girls because they felt I would get the art instruction there that I needed. And I did....I received a great academic education and I majored in Art, too. One thing about growing up in Philadelphia, you have access to the arts. I went to a Saturday morning program at the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts and that's were I drew my first life models.

From there I went on to get my BA in Art and Art Education from Rosemont College. I have been enjoying painting and other artistic activities since that time.

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